Web Design / Graphic Design / UX / UI
This is my BFA graduating thesis project. From conceptualization to implementation, I wanted to imagine and create a platform that would motivate people to accomplish their greatest goals. I was passionate about finding new ways for design to make an impact on the way people connect and inspire each other through achievements. I started out by studying the science of motivation, the impact of storytelling, and the role of design thinking throughout the process. I also researched on the achievement of goals through the areas of social media, motivation, community, storytelling, innovation, and empathy. 
This is how forwd, a goal-oriented social media platform "where goals become reality", came about. It would provide an online community for people to connect and inspire each other with stories about their goal pursuit and accomplishments. Through online communication, user interaction, community empowerment, and encouragement in the form of 'cheers', users can easily inspire each other to keep achieving. Features on this site include making new posts (categorized by 'in progress', 'completed', and 'upcoming'), discovering others' achievements, and connecting with similar others (through follows, likes, comments, cheers, and adds). An advertising business model, data visualization, user analytics, and a responsive design were also included in this site concept. This website and community would hopefully become a place where anyone's personal experiences could serve as an inspiration for many others. 
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